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Residential Team
Get to Know the UPP Residentail Team!

Bobby - Director of Video Production/Investigator

Bobby’s first paranormal investigation took place in 2012, but his deep-seeded interest in the strange and supernatural goes back to his childhood, growing up in rural Northeastern Ohio.  With a constant rotation of The X-Files, Sightings, The Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows and Disney’s So Weird on the television, it’s as if Bobby was bred for this field.

Bobby’s belief in the paranormal was cemented when at the age of 10 years old, he was awoken one night to see a shadowy figure in a fedora standing by his closet.  “I still can see it in my mind so clearly, as if it had happened yesterday,” he adds.

When asked about his most memorable investigations and locations, Bobby’s list included Rolling Hills Asylum, St. Alban’s Sanatorium, and the Iron Island Museum.  Armed with his Canon XA-20 Camcorder, Bobby seeks evidence that he can show to even the staunchest of synics with confidence that it cannot be explained.  “Light anomalies, blinking flashlights, and stick figures are super cool and can help affirm our personal experiences, but when it comes to furthering the field and showing the outside world what’s going on, we just need more than that,” he says.  “I think EVP is one of the most fascinating types of evidence, but having that recorder on camera further validates that no one was whispering or contaminating the recording,” he adds.

If Bobby looks familiar, you may have seen him on a 2019 episode of Portals to Hell on the Travel Channel.  Jack Osborne and Katrina Weidman came to McConnelsville, Ohio to investigate the super-active Twin City Opera House, a location the Bobby frequently investigates.

When he isn’t investigating the paranormal, you can probably find Bobby watching pro wrestling, crushing the competition on Xbox Live, or taking trips to what he truly believes to be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World!  Bobby is also an event videographer and an Assistant Team Leader at a nationwide grocery chain.  Bobby, Brandy, Kayla, Sam and Ted are also part of a documentary filmmaking crew investigating other areas of the paranormal.