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Residential Team

Our mission is to help residents who have unwanted paranormal activity in their homes.

Our Team will come to your home and help you get rid of unwanted entities, attachments, and other paranormal nuisances. We can show you ways to protect yourself, how to protect your property, and how to stop other entities from invading your home. We have experience in closing Ouija Board Sessions, as well as removal of the boards.

With over fifty years of combined experience investigating, researching, and documenting the paranormal, as well as three hundred plus investigations under our belts, we are well versed in working with the paranormal.

We are a "No Charge" group of investigators. 

We provide assistance primarily in the state of Ohio, but may travel further if the situation warrants it.

For additional information feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, by the phone number listed on this page, email, or simply send us an IM.

We are here to help.

UPP Residential Team PO Box 71 Granville, Ohio 43023
(740) 675-5342   www.UPPResidentialTeam.com
Email: UPPResTeam@gmail.com